ASWANG reviews

"This intelligent movie will compel the audience to think along with it—just as much as it will entertain, fascinate, and provide much needed escape."
Ria Limjap,

"…should be lauded for being brave enough to tell a story that tackles themes and imageries that expose an adult and mature side. It's been a long time since we saw a local horror flick not written with kids in mind.
Earl Villanueva,

"…unlike any horror flick you’ve seen—it deserves patronage for Tarog’s astute direction, its luscious, crisp images, the ornate tales and otherworldly creatures it successfully imagines—and the engaging insights it offers about the vagaries of love, ambition and survival."
Rito P. Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer

"As a film that depicts communal disconnect and a blurring of heritage, Aswang is a shot of adrenaline to Pinoy horror."
Don Jaucian, Pelikula Tumblr

"…a heady, atmospheric foray into the folklore of aswangs and creatures that go bump in the night."
Phillip Cu-Unjieng, Philippine Star

"It’s really different from any other local horror film we’ve seen before."
Mario Bautista, Showbiz Portal

"Jerrold Tarog did a fantastic job with this one."

"Fun, intriguing, and definitely better than most of the mainstream fluffs that came out this year."
Carl Papa

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