SENIOR YEAR articles and reviews

"…a refreshing and welcome departure from both the cotton candy romcoms churned out by mainstream cinema regularly as well as from the depressing poverty porn sometimes offered by the indies."
"…like reading Murakami on a lazy Sunday afternoon, lightheaded and lighthearted; and without actually noticing it, you cry as you close the book, you cry as you look faraway, and you cry because you see your doppelganger happier than you, luckier than you."
"The film proves that Tarog has both the taste and sensibilities to restore creativity and craftsmanship in the mainstream."
"…a highly relatable high school movie with a refreshingly different and spontaneous attitude. I give it the highest Pinoy high school movie grade."
"…fresh, yet familiar enough for everyone to feel like they’re walking down the halls of their own alma maters, whether you’re still in or out of it."
"…succeeded in translating to the big screen what typical senior year students face during the final months of high school."
"Here is a film that, ten to fifteen years from now, will be recalled as a crowd's favorite, a film that reflects the young Filipino generation of the 2000s each of us will miss and will be constantly reminisced through the years."
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