"It’s Jerrold Tarog’s cautionary “Punerarya” and its cast’s performances that elevate the horror anthology beyond its sordid, nature-versus-nurture tale about vengeful creatures."
"It is Tarog’s Punerarya that really held me spellbound, and admiring how he adapted his proven indie film storytelling prowess to the horror genre."
"Jerrold Tarog’s ending episode, however, is that shining light in the end of the tunnel. An intelligently directed tale about aswangs…his episode brims with vision, unperturbed even by the predatory clutches of this horror franchise’s shrewd producers."
Francis Cruz (Capsule Review)
"…so many amazing nuances for so short a film…make "Punerarya" a class of its own, in an already tired Asian Horror genre."
"Punerarya" is different. Its monsters are real. They have emotions, they die, and they have weaknesses.
"Tarog elevates a routine narrative with really strong direction. The swooping camera movements and moody visuals provide plenty of suspense…"
"Ever watch a basketball game that turned out to be boring until a most spectacular behind-the-back-pass made the ticket cost more than worth it? If not then go queue up for this film."
"…unique and clever story, lots of genuinely terrifying moments, great shots, transitions, pacing of story and good actors; it could have stood up on a movie of its own."
"Consistent na kapuri-puri ang trabaho ni Direk Jerrold at natuwa kami sa resulta ng unang sabak niya sa mainstream cinema. If only for this episode ay worth it panoorin ang Shake, Rattle & Roll XII!"


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