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Actress JANE CIEGO (Iza Calzado) has had a successful career in showbiz since she was a kid. Now in her 30's, Jane has grown tired of her usual projects and decides to produce her own film to win some respect in the industry. But a terrible accident on the set of her dream project leaves her temporarily crippled, trapped in a house filled with bizarre phenomena and under the care of her unfeeling husband and a strange nurse. With the horrors escalating each day, Jane's simple dream becomes an endless nightmare.

"Bliss finds Jerrold Tarog climaxing in his career as he connects with something that we didn’t know he had in him – a prodigious ambition that steadily grows in fury." - CINEPHILIA.PH

"Bliss is that rare thing in Philippine cinema: an honest-to-God risk-taker of a movie." - RAMON DE VEYRA (MANILA BULLETIN)

“A well-crafted film, one that even outshines “Heneral Luna” in terms of consistency and even ambition."


"A leap of freedom from the portals of Philippine Cinema, introducing a genre that shows intelligence, allegory and flawless mastery."


"A completely immersive ride into that perplexing paranoid limbo between dreams and reality. An extraordinary big-screen viewing experience." - FRED HAWSON (ABS-CBN.COM)

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