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Artikulo Uno Productions
AVAILABLE on DVD in local video stores. 
Philippine Star (Krip Yuson)

"Tarog's essentially forceful rhythm turns it into a riveting story. HENERAL LUNA...succeeds in transcending its form and function. "


Philippine Daily Inquirer (Dennis Clemente)

"One of the best films to come from the Philippines in years."


The Manila Times (Katrina Stuart Santiago)

"It challenges an audience to see our heroes differently, if not more realistically."

GMA News Online (Sylvia Mayuga)

“Heneral Luna” is not only a masterpiece but a gift to the nation in another crucial moment of its history."

Rappler (Ogg Cruz)

"Tarog’s film is an immense risk, one that is probably fueled not by quick profit but by a profound desire to unmask demons of idols."

Business World Online (Noel Vera)

"You can't help but feel that the production has attempted to leap a little distance beyond what most Hollywood biopics would dare nowadays at the risk of embarrassing themselves, and largely succeeded." 

Clickthecity (Philbert Dy)

"Heneral Luna is worth seeing for its audacious approach to tackling our country’s tragic history. It is all at once bold, artful, darkly funny, informed and deeply entertaining."

Variety (Richard Kuipers)

"A rousing historical epic."

New York Times (Ken Jodorowski)

"When a film works this hard to rouse you, there’s no shame in just giving in."

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