SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL 13: Parola (2011)

Regal Films
AVAILABLE on DVD in local video stores. 
"Tarog, in his second SRR outing, once again proves he’s a true contender in the genre." - PHILLIP CU-UNJIENG (PHILIPPINE STAR)


"Tarog successfully turns what essentially is the normalcy of high school life into something seductively sinister, like a Freudian nightmare." - OGGS CRUZ (TWITCH)


"It might just be one of the best things that has ever come out of Shake Rattle and Roll." - PHILBERT DY (CLICKTHECITY.COM)



High school best friends Shane and Lucy enter a haunted lighthouse only to end up being possessed by rival witches who use their bodies to continue a long-standing battle. 

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