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SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL 15: Ulam (2014)

Regal Films
AVAILABLE on DVD in local video stores. 
SRR 15

by Fred Hawson



After his grandmother's death, Henry brought his wife Aimee and young daughter Julie back to live in their family's old ancestral house. Starting Day 1, it was obvious someone did not want them there as the couple are terrorized by dreams of turning into monsters.

This episode worked because of the effective acting of the two lead actors playing the embattled couple, Dennis Trillo (as Henry) and Carla Abellana (as Aimee). The little girl who played their daughter Julie, Kryshee Grengia, was also very good in projecting fear without overacting. Chanda Romero effortlessly emanates mystery as Aling Lina, the house caretaker and cook who maybe serving them more than just sumptuous meals. Cris Villonco only had a few minutes of screen time as the young Ama Choleng, but she was very memorable with that cameo. John Lapuz makes an appearance again as Aimee's friend.

This segment is the creepiest of the three episodes. The feeling of suspense was relentless up to the very end as the boundaries between reality and fantasy are continually blurred.  The makeup effects were quite good, especially the reptilian and lycan transformations. There was very little reliance on special effects, so the dread was created by an effective play of lights, music and editing. Now that makes an excellent horror film. 8/10.




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